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A co-educational independent through school
Nursery – Prep – Senior – Sixth Form – Day – Boarding

The Boarding School Day


Wake up call 7am
Breakfast 7.40-8am
Ready for school 8-8.10am
Join day pupils in designated areas 8.15am
Registration 8.35-8.45
Lesson 1 8.45-9.30
Lesson 2 9.30-10.15
Morning break 10.15-10.35
Lesson 3 10.35-11.20
Lesson 4 11.20-12.05
Lesson 5 12.05-12.50
Lunch 12.50-1.45
Assembly/tutor time/PSHE 1.45-2.15
Lesson 6 2.15-3.00
Lesson 7 3.00-3.45
Activities 4.00-4.45
Assemble in the common room for a drink and snack 4.45pm
Relax, change or start prep 4.45-5.15
Prep in the 6th form area 5.15-6.30
Dinner 6.30-7pm
Activities 7pm


Year 8 and below  
Snack, shower and prepare for bed 8.30pm
In bed 9pm
Lights out 9.30pm
Years 9 and 10  
Snack, shower and prepare for bed 9pm
In bed 9.30pm
Lights out 10pm
Years 11 and above   
Snack, shower and prepare for bed 9pm
In bed 10pm
Lights out 10.30pm

Weekends (Full Boarders)

Wake up call 9am
Breakfast 9.45am
TEFL (overseas boarders - Saturday)  10.35am
Lunch 1pm
Activities 2pm
Tea 6pm
Bed 10pm/11.30pm





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