Prep School Reporting

Each academic year every pupil in the Prep School receives:

  • One results card
  • Two grade cards
  • One full report
  • Two parents' evening

Attainment and Effort Grades


Emerging -  Pupil is starting to learn a new skill

Developing - Pupil shows an increased understanding

Secure - Pupil has achieved expectations within the National Curriculum for their year group

Mastered - Pupil has secure knowledge and understanding beyond the National Curriculum for their year group

Learning Behaviours 

  • Pupil arrives to lessons on time, ready to learn, with the correct equipment
  • Pupil engages with learning and works hard throughout lessons
  • Pupil’s behaviour and conduct contribute to a positive learning environment
  • Pupil completes homework on time and to the best of their ability

Approach to Learning

Excellent Pupil - always demonstrates the learning behaviours and extends their learning independently

Good Pupil - always demonstrates the learning behaviours    

Satisfactory Pupil - usually demonstrates the learning behaviours

Unsatisfactory Pupil - seldomly demonstrates the learning behaviours