Head of Department: Miss N Slater
Examination Board: AQA

Why Study Physical Education at A-Level?

Are you interested in how the human body works? Would you like to find out more about the psychology and nutrition work used by elite athletes? Are you considering a career within sport or sport education? Have you wondered how sport developed from the early 18th Century through to its present day impact on culture? Would like to find out how we acquire skills and process information? Do you enjoy taking part in sport? Answer “yes” to any of these questions and you will find an A-Level in Physical Education a very rewarding experience.

Course Aims

We offer the theory and practical skills so that you can commit to a healthy, active lifestyle and maintain lifelong participation in sport in any role. Even if you are not a top performer you can still gain high marks in the practical element of this subject through a variety of role such as a coach or even an official. We aim to provide a better understanding and application of theory work to practical situations. It is favourable that you participate in at least one activity outside of School to achieve success in this subject.

Course Content

AS and A2 topics include skill acquisition, anatomy and physiology, opportunities for participation, applied psychology, physiology to optimize performance, contemporary influences. Skill acquisition and psychology complement one another perfectly, as shown in relating stages of learning the self-efficacy theory and the effects of social inhibition to teaching styles and methods of guidance. The synoptic approach adopted throughout the course will help enhance your understanding of the neurological aspects of top sport performance. A thorough approach is taken to understanding the anatomy and physiology of the body, research into the aerobic/anaerobic energy systems, and nutritional advice to facilitate each system, basic mechanics of sporting movements, recovery techniques and modern technologies are studied in great detail in this subject.

Additional topics focus on the history of Sport and Physical Education and the opportunities to increase participation in physical activities.


AS – Written theory paper – 30%
Two sports in any role of performer, coach or official (practical) – 20%
A2 – Written Theory paper – 30%
One sport in any role of performer, coach or official. Coursework on analysis of performance and application of theory to correct weaknesses (practical) – 20%