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World Mental Health Day 2017


Mental health awareness is a very important topic and here at Gosfield we take many steps to ensure our pupils are supported and all staff are trained to highlight any concerns.

Our excellent Pastoral team provides a range of support for pupils, addressing issues whether they occur in or out of school. As well as talking with pupils individually, we offer chat clinics where pupils can discuss issues with their peers. Through advertisements around the school and in pupil planners, children are reminded of charities and organisations they can contact, such as Mental Health Foundation, The Mix, CALM, Childline and NSPCC.


We have also recently become a 'Girls on Board' school, taking an accredited pastoral approach to dealing with troubles for girls in all aspects of their development and supporting them as they and their social relationships grow and change.


We have arranged for a specialist in eating disorders, Sophia Jacques, to visit the school and advise pastoral and first aid staff on what to look out for, how to deal appropriately with the children involved and their families, and where to get referrals if needed. Sophia works for Rhodes Wood Hospital in Hertfordshire, helping children from 8 to 18 years old, funded by Elysium Healthcare with an aim to educate people so that children do not get to the point of requiring hospital treatment.


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