Excellent GCSE results reflect personal focus on academic progress

This year’s Gosfield School GCSE students have again demonstrated the benefits of personalised learning in a small non-selective school. 100% of students achieved a 9-4 grade in English and Maths, and an impressive 75% outperformed their grades predicted on entry.

Principal Guy Martyn, who joined in January of this year, praised the commitment of all involved to achieve this success. “Today’s results demonstrate that exceptional progress is achievable by all students in our small, friendly non-selective School. Students and teachers have worked extremely hard together to ensure that every single additional mark could be gained by every single student, disregarding limitations and inspiring students to achieve beyond expectation.”

After last week’s two female star performers at A Level, two boys have led the way this week. This also reflects a national closing of the gap by boys on girls in terms of overall results.

Kyron Moon

GCSE student Kyron Moon, who gained three grade 9s and four grade 8s, and was among only 4.3per cent of students across the UK* to attain these ultimate grades, commented: “I am delighted with my results! Lots of pleasant surprises including a 9-9 in Science and an 8 in English Literature. I am also pleased that I achieved an A* in Business and Economics, 9 in Maths and 8 in Geography as I will be studying these for A Levels – staying at Gosfield School where I have been since Reception. I want to thank my teachers for helping me to achieve better than my expectations.

Connall Cairns

Connall Cairns who achieved two grade 9s and three grade 8s, added: “I’m happy with my results and they will enable me to secure my place at Colchester Royal Grammar School where I will study maths, further maths, physics and chemistry. I have been at Gosfield School since Reception and will miss it very much. Thank you to my teachers for their support and commitment from the beginning.

*Source TheGuardian.com 

Delighted Student Kyron Moon and his parents celebrate his exceptional GCSE results.