Course Leader: Mr J Benmore
Examination Board: Edexcel

Why Study Mathematics at A-Level?

There is no doubting that Mathematics is challenging but it is also incredibly interesting. It builds on work you will have undertaken at GCSE, but also involves new ideas. It serves as a useful support for many qualifications as well as being a desirable qualification in the workplace and higher education. By studying A level Mathematics you will be supporting the study of many other subjects such as Geography, Physical Education, Economics and the Sciences. It will prove enormously rewarding and very useful in the workplace and further education study.

Course Aims

While studying this course you will have the opportunity to use mathematical skills and knowledge to solve problems and complex challenges through the use of mathematical arguments and logic. You will understand and demonstrate what is meant by proof in mathematics and use of mathematics while developing the ability to simplify real-life situations so that you can use mathematics to show what is happening and what might happen in different circumstances. The course will use calculator technology and other resources, such a specialised formulae, tables and specialist software, effectively and appropriately and understand calculator limitations and when it is inappropriate to use such technology.

Course Content

Both AS and A2 level in this course cover 3 modules of study .
Module 1 – Pure Mathematics Core 1
Module 2 – Pure Mathematics Core 2
Module 3 – Choose from Statistics, Decision or Mechanics (dependent on student strengths and other subjects chosen).
Module 4 – Pure Mathematics Core 3
Module 5 – Pure Mathematics Core 4
Module 6 - Choose from Statistics, Decision or Mechanics (dependent on
student strengths and other subjects chosen).


AS - 3 Modules taken in June of Year 12
All modules are 1hour 30 mins. in length.

A2 - 3 modules to be taken in June of Year 13.
All modules are 1 hour 30 mins. in length.