Cut Hedge Cross Country Risk Assessment


Hazards Who will be affected Control Measures Risk
General Risks A degree of risk is inevitable in almost all sports - e.g. from hard cricket and hockey balls, or being tackled to the ground in rugby.
Cross country runners should expect to encounter the following (up to a point):
• hard physical effort
• adverse weather conditions e.g. cold, wet, wind, snow
• rough, uneven ground
• mud and other slippery surfaces
• trees (including roots and branches)
• water hazards e.g. puddles, wet leaves
• tight turns
• jostling
• possible contact from studded or spiked shoes
Students All of those listed below  
Getting lost before/after race Students/staff All students must stay with school staff. This is also documented in pre-race instructions and is also verbally communicated during the race briefing. L
Getting lost during the race Students Attend, listen and act upon advice given during pre- race briefing. All races will have marshalls, direction markers and tape showing the way. Each race will also have a lead runner and a sweeper to ensure runners go the correct way. Visitoring teachers invited to walk woodland areas before races. L
Getting injured Students The course will be pre-inspected for hazards. Any hazards will be cleared such as twigs, branches etc. Tree roots will be sprayed with a bright colour to increase visibility and some trees most adjacent to course will have high vis panels.  First aid will be based in the sports hall. We have numerous first aiders on site. Every 'teacher marshall' will have a mobile phone for contacting base should an injury occur.  Avoid muscle strains with adequate warm-ups and stretches (individual school staff responsible). School nurse to be stationed at the start/finish area. Instructions will be given both to the teaching staff before in a race briefing and to the runners just before the start of the race.  Marshalls will be stationed at any areas considered to carry inceased riks and will shout audible warning reminders.  A naturally slipery wooden bridge will be teated, lanes will slow runners at that point and a marshel will continualy shout friendly warnings. L
Medical conditions Students Any medical conditions must be notified and documented.  L
Weather conditions Students/staff All weather conditions will be monitored and cancelled if required. Pupils must bring their own warm clothing L
Pupils and Parking Stewards helping to direct minibuses Students and Parking Stewards Training given and Hi vis jackets worn L
Contamination of food/drink Students/staff All staff are fully trained all areas are cleaned on a regular basis, gloves and protective clothing are to be worn L
Pedestrian activity Students/staff Health and safety briefing given/course clearly marked with designated areas no dogs permitted L
 Sports Hall injuries  Students/staff  Spikes/studs to be removed before entry.  Matting put down on floor. Waste bins supplied around hall. No running signs on wall L