Head of Department: Miss F Cross
Examination Board: Edexcel

Why Study Drama at A-Level?

Are you energetic, creative and enthusiastic? Would you like to find out about performance, stage craft, set design and writing pieces for performance while learning to understand the motivation behind some of our most famous playwrights? Are you considering a career within the dramatic or performing arts? Do you often wonder about how modern theatre developed?
Can you work independently on research or as part of a group working towards a common goal? Are you passionate about theatre? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, studying Drama at A-Level will be a very fulfilling and rewarding experience for you.

Course Aims

The aim of the course is not only to provide the candidates with performance experience, but give them the skills to research, analyse and evaluate with a view to presenting their own performance. They will undertake the writing, production and direction of existing and new theatre. It aims to provide a core understanding of theatre through the ages and enable them to compare and contrast these plays to modern day adaptations

Course Content

Drama at both AS and A2 involves a large amount of independent work involving the study and analysis of a number of theatrical pieces and how they can be interpreted with a view to performance, from an acting, stage design, production and direction point of view. Not only is there the opportunity to perform, there is as an integral part of the course the chance to write and produce your own unique and original piece of theatre, from inception through to critical self- evaluation.

Of course no A level course would be complete without a written exam and in this you will bring together all the knowledge of the practical and study experiences of this very rewarding course.


Unit 1: Exploration of Drama and Theatre - 40% of total AS marks, 20% of total A2 marks.
Unit 2: Theatre Text in Performance - 60% of the total AS marks, 30% of the total A2 marks.
Unit 3: Exploration of Dramatic Performance - 40% of the total AS marks. 20% of the total A2 marks.
Unit 4: Theatre Text in Context - 60% of the total AS marks, 30% of the total A2 marks