Head of Department Mrs F Bradbury
Examination Board: OCR

Why study Biology at A-level?

Biology is the science of life, exciting and diverse. Our daily lives are influenced by the results of biological study or research and newspapers constantly report on biological issues. Biologists all over the world are pioneers in a huge number of fields which influence all of our lives and the continued survival of our planet. It is a cutting edge subject that is constantly evolving, so be a part of it!

Course Outline

The AS-Level course comprises 4 modules:

1) Development of practical skills

2) Foundations in Biology

3) Exchange and Transport

4) Biodiversity, evolution & disease

The A2-Level course comprises an additional 2 modules:

5) Communications, homeostasis and energy

6) Genetics, evolution and ecosystems

Course Aims

The course provides students with practical and research skills that could be used in a varied range of  professions,  including medicine, veterinary medicine, animal health, horticulture, agriculture, physiotherapy, teaching, food science, midwifery, dentistry, biochemistry, dietetics, broadcasting, occupational therapy, ophthalmology, pharmacy, radiography and law.

There are many careers which involve the use of Biology together with other subjects. Biology and Chemistry are a recognized and valued pairing, especially in Medicine. Sports science requires the use of Biology together with subjects such as PE.  Agricultural and Environmental occupations may require Biology together with Geography and Chemistry. Biology and Physics also complement each other in careers such as ophthalmology and the whole field of medical technology.  Biology also supports aspects of Psychology.

Assessment at AS will consist of two examination papers at the end of the first year of study.  Students may choose to take the A-Level assessment at the end of two years of study, which consists of three examination papers (with content from across all 6 modules) and a Practical Endorsement assessed throughout the course.