Head of Department: Mrs A Gwynne
Examination Board: Edexcel

Why Study Art at A-Level?

Art is full of incredible highs, it’s exciting, rigorous, diverse and very rewarding! It is challenging too and just when students thought they knew what were were doing and what it is all about, it stops them in their tracks! Studying this subject at A Level will develop students creative thinking and problem solving skills. It also demands perseverance and encourages reflective self-review. Altogether it is a wake-up call for the brain, body and soul!

Course Aims

Our aim is to give students the opportunity to explore and develop their personal ideas through support, critique and discussion. The outcome of this intensive research, investigation and experimentation enables students to produce work that is diverse, exciting and highly original. The course is structured to encourage students to take risks and make imaginative leaps through the manipulation of materials and research of Art History, resulting in an extremely high level of art work.

Course Content

Students are encouraged to use an extensive range of materials and techniques to give visual form to individual thoughts, ideas and observations, enabling them to present their way of seeing the world. Through clear intention of ideas and sensitive manipulation of materials, students produce work that is a personal response to set themes.

Disciplines include painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, textiles and alternative media (mixed-media, installation, digital, photography, film and video). Students will be given time to work in one or more of these areas and develop a high command of skills and subject knowledge.

As part of the A2 assessment, students produce a 1000 – 3000 word essay related to their coursework.


AS & A2 Controlled Assignment
Students are given 12 weeks to develop ideas through sketchbook research from a theme set by Edexcel. The externally set paper for AS is an 8-hour examination and a 12-hour examination for A2.

AS Coursework – 30% Exam – 20%
A2 Coursework – 30% Exam – 20%