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Nursery – Prep – Senior – Sixth Form


Head of Department: Mr B Lee
Examination Board: TBC

Course Content

Unit 1: Practical Problem Solving in the Digital World
This unit will provide students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of the development of ICT systems through practical experience in using a range of applications software in a structured way. Students should then be able to apply the skills, knowledge and understanding gained from this practical work to the solution of problems.

Examples of suitable solutions to problems could include several from the following:
• an electronic photo album
• a rolling multimedia presentation for a school open day
• a website for a local nursery
• organizing a blog for a local Councilor
• producing invoices for a small business
• organizing a set of podcasts for a teacher
• an interactive multimedia display for a tourist information centre.

Unit 2: Living in the Digital World
This unit is designed to give students the wider picture of the use of ICT and to enable the
understanding of basic terms and concepts involved in the study of the subject. Students should be able to discuss and comment on issues from a position of knowledge and they can do this only if they have the knowledge and understanding that underpins the subject.
Students will be encouraged to consider the important issues involved in the use of ICT by themselves and by others. Students should also study the immediate effect on themselves and also the longer term effects on society and the world in general.

Students should be asking questions such as:

· Why is ICT being used

· Is it appropriate to use ICT

· What are the implications of its use for me, now and in the future

· How does a particular use of ICT affect society?


There are two exams for AS Level with short and long answer questions. They are both 1 hour 30 minutes long.

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